A Revolution in Skin biorevitalisation

the no peel peel! No pain, no downtime and no needles

PRX-T33® is a gel that, applied with a specific technique, provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration.

The treatment is repeated once a week for the necessary number of sessions, thus stimulating the formation of new collagen.

A course of 5 fortnightly treatments gives the best results.

1 treatment £135

5 fortnightly treatments £600

With NO PAIN or DOWNTIME this treatment is the perfect fit for a busy lifestyle.

Dr Kev will build you a bespoke treatment plan that will ensure that your social life is not affected and to ensure your skin is treated the very best we offer a free aftercare kit

H2 O2 Low Concentration.jpg


This product is unique because it combines the effects of h2o2 (Hydrogen peroxide) and high concentration of TCA (a non-toxic chemical (trichloracetic acid) for an effective dermal stimulation.



No Pain, No Downtime, No needles, your social life is not affected, non-photosensitising, 10-15 minutes to perform the treatment and provides immediate palpable firming.



Kev put me at ease from the moment I walked in. He provided me with a comprehensive consultation, followed by treatment and WOW. The results are outstanding. I can’t thank Kev enough for bringing this product to Fife.
— Jo